Organising a Desk with a Desk Mat

Organising a Desk with a Desk Mat

Why have a desk mat? There’s more to modern desk mats than meets the eye.

We know desk clutter is an eyesore. But it’s actually more than that. All those bits and bobs on our desks – papers, charger cables, paper clips, and sticky notes – demand our attention. When you need to direct your attention to more important priorities, these little distractions are little stressors. And when you can’t find adequate desk real estate to spread out your documents, this is a stressor too. Various researchers know this. Researchers have shown that our physical environments – desks included – impact our cognition, feelings, and behaviours. In the workplace, or at home, this has implications for our decision-making and relationships. Our brains are wired for order. And when our desk is disordered, it can even be detrimental to our stress and anxiety levels.

On an organised desk, on the other hand, everything is where you expect it to be [imagine that].

One of the easiest ways to find desk-based nirvana is to organise your desk with a desk mat.

A desk mat, also known as a desk pad or a blotter, often looks like a relatively non-descript rectangle of material – not far off your average doormat – but there’s quite a bit more to it than a casual glance might indicate.

To begin with, a desk mat will protect your desk from scuffs and scratches.

Modern desk mats are also double-sided. They function as storage products. Some can even wirelessly power your devices.

When you think of it like that, it’s easier to appreciate why desk mat converts consider desk mats indispensable elements of their overall desk set ups.

Felt is a popular desk mat surface

What Desk Mats are Best?

The best desk mat for you? It depends on your particular circumstances.

However, if you want to organise a desk with a desk mat, there are some key considerations to be aware of.

Choosing the Best Material

Some of the most popular desk mat materials include leather, vegan leather, and felt.

Materials such as vegan leather are ideal for easy cleaning.

All it takes to clean a desk mat surface such as vegan leather is a clean damp cloth or wet wipe, and 30 seconds of your time.

Felt material is also a popular material for desk mats. Professionals appreciate the plush surface when they engage in tactile desk experiences such as typing and mouse navigation. Felt is also welcome on icy mornings, when your desk is cold to touch.

Desk Mat Sizes

There are a few things to know about finding the right-size desk mat.

Before you purchase online or in-store, make sure you know exactly how big your desk is.

Also ensure you measure how much vacant space you intend to assign to your desk mat.

Lastly, confirm your desk mat’s size before you purchase. You will thank yourself later.

That’s the basics. But it’s also important to consider how many office accessories you intend to have on your desk mat. If you intend your desk mat to be base camp for your computer monitor, laptop, keyboard, mouse, and mobile devices, you’ll need a bigger desk mat than the colleague who just wants a mat that stops a keyboard, mouse, phone, and coffee mug from scuffing against the desk.

Which Desk Mat Colour Should I Choose?

You can find desk mats in pretty much any colour imaginable – but that doesn’t mean any colour imaginable is a good idea.

Often, basic conservative colours – shades of blacks, whites, and greys – match well for office environments.

All the same, it’s a good idea to shoot for a colour that matches the personality of your office and desk, along with your own personality.

So what about hot pink? That might not be your forever-colour if you work in a traditional financial services company, for example. Then again, maybe you have the personality to own it.

The ALTI Wireless Charging Desk Mat powers your devices without cables, and stows your documents

How Does a Desk Mat Help Me with Storage?

One of the neat features of some desk mats is their interior pocketing. To help you achieve a minimalist and organised desk vibe, look for a desk mat that has a hideaway pocket. JOURNEY’s ALTI Wireless Charging Desk Mat is double-sided, and you can peel it open [and close it back up] to stow key documents, notes, and other small stationary items.

This is a big help when you want to achieve a minimalist and organised vibe at your desk.

How Does a Desk Mat Help Me with Storage?

The ALTI desk mat is a smart desk mat that doubles as a charger.

It features an in-built wireless charging panel that fast-charges your smartphone and earbuds at the same time.

If you’re all about introducing a desk mat to organise your desk, a wireless desk mat is a big advantage.

Consider a wireless desk mat if you want to minimise cable clutter at your desk, and improve your focus in the process.

Desk mats are affordable desk accessories with serious upside.

Are desk mats worth it?

Why have a desk mat? It’s a common question.

Let’s sum up why desk mats often are worth it:

  • Desk mats are affordable office accessories that offer various returns on investment
  • Desk mats extend the lifespan of your furniture, saving you money
  • By powering your devices and minimising cable clutter at your desk, a good mat elevates your desk’s functionality
  • Desk mats organise your desk into defined activity zones. That helps you stay on top of your tasks
  • The right desk mat adds an attractive aesthetic touch to your desk. Everybody works better in a visually appealing environment.

All these benefits together make the return on investment on desk mats all the more compelling.

Find out more about JOURNEY’s ALTI Wireless Charging Desk Mat today.

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